Nicolas Lyon – Musician, violinist, composer


APRA – Johnny Dennis Award, 2001 – 1st Prize Best Classical Piece
APRA – Johnny Dennis Award, 2001 – 1st Prize Best Film Music

Winnerof Codore award Newcastle 2008 for best theatre music for “urban Shadows” with J.P. Bell Mime

Recent film work

Middle Eastern inspired sound score for Tropfest 2006 ‘Last Stop’
“Appeal” Claymation by Asteria Widerani (2004, RMIT AIM)
“Courting Hope” Natalie Hechtman

2007 2000 – 2007
Various online media projects.

Recent Theatre work

URBAN SHADOWS by Jean-Paul Bel, original music written and performed by Nicolas Lyon, ADELAIDE Fringe Festival 2007


Nicolas was born at home in Flixton, Lancashire, He began playing music at the age of five. He received a scholarship to study violin with Robert Morley at the Royal collage of Music in Manchester and moved to Australia in 1961 receiving a scholarship to study violin and viola with Georgina McLean, and double bass with Walter Sutcliffe at the Sydney Conservatorium. He has been a professional musician since the age of eighteen. He worked with Peter Sculthorpe for ABC Radio playing Koto and with artists such as David Ahearn, Tristrum Carrey, Marian Henderson, Judy Bailey, Margaret Roadnight, Robyn Archer, Jeanne Lewis, Robin Hable and Nigel Butterley. Nicolas has worked throughout Australia in many fields of music along side many visual artists, sculptures, poets and writers, such as The Ashes of Sydney, The Sunningdale Baroque Ensemble, The Cavers, and Gypsy Fire. He has worked in many fields of music, creating electronic realizations, early Renaissance music, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Rock and Ethnic music, written for Theater, Ballet, film, TV and radio, as well as other recordings. Nicolas was the Music Master at the Yellow House in Sydney, with Martin Sharp and Brett Whitley among others..


Forty-nine Villages for full orchestra and four part choral work. Transformation for full orchestra.

Rags to Riches for full orchestra. River for full orchestra. Berry string Quartet, Cultural Conversations record. Zones record. Unicorn Record. AS One record. Resistance choral four part work. Images Tape.


Large number of ads since 1971 – show reel available


Composer and Specialist Musician Woman’s Vision series Banner Film for Adelaide Festival.

Documentary work for SA Film Corp Animation with Bruce Tolly. Tea and Sugar Train

Film Aust. Tree Ian Stocks.

Play Hooky in the Snow Children’s series for Tasmanian Film Co.

In Search of Anna Esben Storm Film.

Stranded and Dolphin Touch for Golden Dolphin Productions,Bob Loader

Bird Man of Kilimanjaro Dick Dennison.

Tracks of the Rainbow: George Gittos.

A Piece of Cake Mitch Matthews.

Pins and Needles Jenny Baterham.

Letter to a Friend Sonja Hoffman.

They must be Heroes Jack Thompson.

All That Glitter Film Aust.

And or = ONE Jindalee Lady, Brianne Kearney.

Resistance Macau Light Co.

Third Person SBS.

Worked on The Year of Living Dangerously with Maurice Jarre and Peter Weir.

Radio Programs, Poetry and Music with Peter Sculthorpe for the ABC. Program of original compositions for ABC FM.


South Australian Theatre Company Musician for Measure for Measure, The Three Cuckolds, All of us or none, Brecht. The Saturday Company. Composition of music for young trainee actors. Theatre 62. Composer for Noh Plays by Yukio Mishima with director Utaka Wadda, writing for Koto Flute and Percussion.Composed and performed music on sitar, tabla and flute for the Indian Folk Story The Magical City of Naowbad, A Day in the life of the Great Scholar Wu, both for children. The New Opera company. Lute player for the Madrigal Show directed by Myre Fredman. Nimrod Theatre. Composer and performer for Metamorphosis by Steven Berkhoff. Henry the IV, Romeo and Juliet with John Bell. Sydney Theatre Company. Composer for Hamlet. Director William Gaskell. Dunsinane Enterprises: musician and actor for Boys own MacBeth Graham Bond. Performed in Sydney. Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle and Los Angeles. Sydney Festival. Composer performer and actor in Treasure Island for the Nimrod. Street show with Mark Ferno and Robyn Archer. Q. Theatre. Musical director for True Patriots All written by Ann Harvey, director Doreen Warburton. Seymore Centre. Musician for The Gambler by Mel Smith, Directed by Paul Hains and Mel Smith. Elston Hocking and Wood. Composer and performer for Romeo and Juliet, and The Taming of the Shrew in the botanical gardens Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Theatre Works. Musical director for new play See You in Heaven. Mietters. Miss Julia August Strindberg. URBAN SHADOWS Theatre performance – Written and performed by Jean-Paul Bel, with original music written and performed by Nicolas Lyon, ADELAIDE Fringe Festival performing in the Bosco Theatre in the Garden of Unearthly Delights March 2007.


Composer and performer For New York choreographer Marilyn Wood in Adelaide city environment pieces. Australian Dance Theatre. Composer and performer for the original ballets, Primitive cry, and Opal. The One Extra Dance Company. Composer for KhanTai Chan choreography of Vanishing Species , You Came Too and Family Portrait. Composer and musical director for The Three Legends of Kra by Robin Archer, Directed by Nigel Triffit in Brisbane and Adelaide. Nicolas has also conducted musical instrument workshops for children in N.S.W., The Northern Territory, Arnhem Land Manengreeda and South Australia. Adelaide Festival Center concert with Margaret Roadnight Judy Bailey. Worked with Lindsay Kemp on Mr Punch and Ronaldo Mime Princess.


Sydney Festival with Robyn Archer and Mark Ferno. Montsalvat Concert with Steve Dunstan. Paris Theatre, Sydney concert with Andrew Wilson and John Proud. Central Street Gallery, a series of concerts for the Sydney Festival. Opera House Recording: Hall, The Full Moon Piece Solo. Hiroshima Day: 1982 Fox Ground Solo. Unicorn Concert: Paddington Town Hall Sydney. Solo: Abercrombie Caves Concert 1988. Played sitar and violin in Tim Woods production of Sargent Peppers and Abby Road on a national tour for two years.


South Australia – Six months in Border town , and the whole of the Tatiara, for the Australia Council, and the South Australian Arts Council. N.S.W. Composer in the Shoalhaven for twelve months in 1993.


Violin, viola, cello, double and electric bass, koto, sitar, harp, cheng, kalimba, piano, guitar, and has extensive experience on electronic synthesisers and computer instrumentation and composition. L.P Record Productions include: Turn it all around, Dust on the Violin: for artists in the Shoalhaven.


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