Played Celtic harp, violin, viola  Cello, and Sitar with Stuart D”arrietta   in the show ‘My Lennard Cohan ‘ at Chapel off  Chapel.Melbourne 2013

Sgt Peppers and Abby Road Sydney Opera House

The Back to Back family                                           Played Violin and Sitar With a great family of musicians Syd. Opera House Jan 2014

Boy’s Own McBeth re-union on YouTube

Nic was there for the occasion .. The video speaks for itself..

Boy’s Own McBeth re-union on YouTube


We are playing Pazzini wine s at wittfield Vic au 14 & 15 Nov – Bric a Brac
Ced Meledo and his band will rove amongst the crowd and play toe tapping gypsy jazz favourites.
Bass Nicolas lyon .

lastest recordings

Nioclas just completed recording with the 60’s band Stylus with Ron Peers .. loved it.


Nicolas was the recipientof the Newcastle Condore ward 08 for best theatre music for the show “Urban Shadows” performed at the Civic theatre with Mime artist and wonderful human being Jean Paul Bell. to be continued some where on the planet in the future.

next performace

Sundays snake pit Billy Miller and the love Brothers 9pm


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